Faking Lucky Review- Q.D. Purdu



Desdemona is channel-surfing when she stumbles upon the program Marriage Exposure. The trashy television show gets people to spill all the secrets of their sex lives, and Desdemona’s ex-boyfriend just happens to be a guest.

To her shock and horror, Desdemona’s ex announces on national television that he dumped her because–


–she never got the big O.

“She faked…,” he says.

Every single time.

Her life is wrecked! If her friends, family and colleagues haven’t seen the interview yet, they will.

How do you survive a scandal like this?

How did he know she faked?

And why is it that in the bedroom, Desdemona never, ever gets lucky?

The lovable, creative and quirky heroine tackles these challenges. As Desdemona tries to run damage control on her reputation, she begins to explore her sexuality. Along the way, she will get a second chance at genuine love.

Q. D. Purdu’s Finding Lucky won first place in the romance category of the Texas Writers’ League. Desdemona’s quest for the Big O is full of hilarious moments, handsome men, and heartfelt memories.


My Review: Oh my god! This book was totally not what I expected. I expected romantic comedy with a very light tone. It is more of a contemporary romance. I love Desdemona’s name, though. Given how big of a part Des and Hunter’s past played, I would have liked to have seen more to do with that. I felt the end was a little rushed and anti-climatic. I would have also liked to have seen more with the whole Burt and Jenny scenario, since they both do make appearances later. I kind of hope they get their own story.

You can get your copy HERE


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