Immure Diaries Part 2 Review- HQ Frost


Cold, collected, crazy. He’s a death dealer to the scared. A master to the envious. And a ticking time bomb to the sane.
Lost, living, lusting. She’s fighting for sanity anymore. Finding a new life directed by a dangerous man holding her heart. But her fragile heart breaks every time he walks away.
He’s a devil in disguise, but she likes things hot, and he’s going to be the death of her. If he doesn’t end up dead first.

My Review: Usually, I can’t stand novellas, but this one has stuck with me from the first page of Part One. I am already dying for Part Three. If you are one of those people that needs no cliffys, you DO NOT want to read this book. It will give you heart palpitations. The story though, oh my god! I normally don’t re-read books, but I can’t wait until this is finished so I can go back and read it all at once. It is that good!



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