Immure Diaries Pt. 3 Review- H.Q. Frost


She’s followed in his footsteps and doesn’t plan on looking back. He regrets creating the woman she’s become, but he won’t deny she’s skilled. Together they could dominate, but they work better alone.
She’d die for him and he’s killed for her.
Their love has always been a battle that neither can control. As much as she pulls, he pushes. As often as he begs, she denies. There’s one thing that will always be certain. No matter where they end up, the other won’t be far.

My Review: I have been waiting, well dying, for this story. I was not disappointed in the least. This story definitely had a hell of a turn of events at the end. I still need more, though! We need to figure out how to make this cover photo longer so we can get more books!



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