Gloria Herrmann Interview




  1. If your books became movies, who would you want to play your characters?


It’s quite funny that this is one of the questions. An actor pal of mine asked me to send The Pass Through to his agent last week. His name is Zahn McClarnon and he is literally the real-life version of Armel, who is truly the main character in The Pass Through. You may have seen Zahn on Fargo (Season Two) on FX or on Netflix’s Longmire. He’s such a great guy and it would be an honor to have him play one of the most important characters I’ve created to date.

            I have had a lot of readers ask me to contact Hallmark to get the Cloverleaf series made into a movie. Maybe if enough of them pester the execs over at Hallmark something will happen!

  1. Did you ever think of making a YouTube video of any of your characters?

Gosh, I hadn’t even considered that. How cool would that be!

  1. Have you ever dressed up as one of your characters?

If you consider wearing stilettos while drunk, then yes, I have dressed up like more than a few of my characters in the Single in Seattle series. I have described some of my very own outfits as ones that my characters’ wear. I also live vicariously through their wardrobe. Don’t get me started on the fabulous collection of handbags and shoes in my Devil’s Darlings series!

4. If you could be one of your characters, who would it be? Why?

That’s a very difficult question. All of my characters, even some of the males, are a little part of me. However, if I were to be one of my characters, I think I’d love to be Dr. Kathryn Bailey. The main reason I chose her is because, in The Pass Through, she went on such an incredible journey. Kathryn witnessed something that made her question all of her beliefs and scientific reasoning. Plus, I love the medical field and once upon a time ago, I had considered a career in medicine.

 5. What’s the weirdest question you have ever been asked?

            This is such a great question, mostly because I’m really having to think about it. I get asked all sorts of normal questions, but nothing too weird. People ask the run of the mill questions; what inspired me, are any of the characters based on me, and what will I write next. I also get asked for my address quite a bit, but that’s just because I have the best readers ever who love to send goodies! Sorry, but I think I’m coming up empty on this question.


6. How do you research the places you write about?

 Some of the places I’ve written about, like Portland, Seattle, or SoCal, are all places I’ve visited and explored long before writing a book. The other fictional locations, such as Elk Horn or Birch Valley, Washington were both inspired by places I had visited and sort of molded together to create the landscape I needed for my story. Then there’s that awesome tool known as Google and it’s kinda my best friend. However, I’d love to visit the UK down the road and I can only imagine the inspiration I’d get from that trip!

  1. Do your characters stalk you until you write their story or do you really have to focus and then flesh out random ideas?

The other night as I laid down to sleep, a conversation happened in my head. I saw these two people having what was a very comical argument. Instantly I knew that I wanted to write about what it was that I was seeing and hearing. Let’s just say this is a regular occurrence and is how many of my stories begin. Inspiration is a funny thing. It can hit at any time, in the car, shower, as you close your eyes to sleep, or even while sitting in the dentist’s chair. I couldn’t agree more about my characters stalking me. Imagine my mind as an apartment complex in the Bronx, too many residents all living in this small space. Everyone wants their story to be written and they definitely have no problem letting me know. There’s a lot of noise in my head and that’s a fantastic problem to have in my career. Once my mind goes silent, it will probably be time to retire.  

 8. Do you have a ritual you go through to write?

Well, coffee or possibly an adult beverage is like a must when I want those words to flow. I can write just about anywhere, though my office aka writing cave is the best. I know some writers need music, a special item next to them as work on their story, and have so many other rituals. I hate to admit it…but I’m sort of boring. I just sit down and write.

  1. What do you feel is your greatest achievement in being an author?

The single most important achievement as an author I feel is inspiring others, whether it be writing or reading. I can say I’ve motivated more than a few to do both. Of course, I’d love to become a New York Times Bestseller, but there is a lot of satisfaction in moving people to read or compose their own stories. I recently spoke at a school and my goal was to tell these kiddos about what it is that I do. I had no idea that in that process I’d also be inspiring some of these teachers to read again. Several purchased my books and shared with me that it was my passionate speech about being an author that ignited a fire inside them again. How friggin awesome is that! That’s a huge achievement.

10.  When did you feel like you “made it?” 

 I’m still working very hard on making it, but I can say that when I was an attending author at the Spicy in Spokane book signing event this March, I felt pretty darn special. The readers who stopped by my table had actually read my books and talked with me about some of posts I’d written on Facebook and various other social media sites that had left impressions on them. Fellow authors swung by to visit and hug me, they even thanked me for the support I’d lent to our book community. I was quite surprised and touched by all of this. I kinda see that as having “made it”.


You can find Gloria Herrmann’s newest release, Reeling in Love, HERE on March 28,2017.





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