Unexpectedly Royal Review- Jennifer Domenico


Something spectacular… that was my goal when I toasted my best friend that New Year’s Eve. Tired of my safe, predictable existence, I agreed to let her choose a resolution for me. What started as nothing more than expanding my horizons, shifted course when I met him.

Lathan— gorgeous, sophisticated, charming, foreign. He seemed like just the man to shake things up a little, and boy, did he. Venturing into a relationship with him changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. Unexpectedly, I fell hard.

I never expected to meet someone like him.
I never expected that fairy tales were true and princes in castles really did exist.
I never expected that my days of kissing frogs were finally over.

There would be challenges, obstacles, fear, but with Lathan I left safe and predictable behind and embraced the spectacular. I’m just a regular girl from Boston, but I’m proof that anything can happen. My something spectacular led to becoming…

Unexpectedly Royal.

My Review: 

I loved this book. It was such a real book. I enjoyed how the hero wasn’t over the top. Although the hero was what he was, first and foremost, he was a man. He wanted what we all want; to be loved for who we are. The love he and Delaney share is like no other. Seeing how quickly he and Delaney evolved to the point they evolved was amazing. I also enjoyed how the author gave us glimpses into the future so we could see what they were doing and how they were doing later in life.

You can get your copy HERE


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