Testimonials and References

To whom it may concern, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Angela Campbell, and she did a great job of line editing my book. She found errors my original editor didn’t. She was very quick and efficient. I look forward to working with her again. She’s pretty funny too.

Author Charlene M. Martin                                                                                                                                           Erotic Romantic Suspense novelist.

Angela has a great eye for detail, a wonderful grip on grammar and narrative flow, and is a joy to work with. She’s helped me on several of my books and, without a doubt, they wouldn’t be nearly as good as they are without her magic touch. I’m constantly blown away by, and thrilled with, the level of expertise she brings to my novels. I’m constantly thrilled with all she does for me.

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Conner Kressley


Have edited or proofread for: Catty Diva, Conner Kressley, Charlene M. Martin, Nancy Riggs, Nora Flite, Elianne Adams, Crystal Dawn, Xandrie Novak, Aurora Woodlove, Pat Hudson, Monica Corwin, Xandrie Kovak, Mysti Parker, George Kramer, Linnea Alexis, Noelle Green, Scarlet Darkwood, Wade H. Garrett, Mallory Crowe, Skyla Murphy, Heather Doltrice and  Seven Steps